Allied Florists of Houston - Buddy Benz Distinguished Service Award! 



Congratulations to the 2006
  Buddy Benz Award recipient:

Renee Carpenter TMFA
Renee Carpenter TMFA

The Buddy Benz award is bestowed upon Allied Florists of Houston members who have exemplified distinguished service, dedication, and commitment to the association. The award is named in honor of the late Buddy Benz - designer, teacher, lecturer and friend who freely gave of his time and shared his ideas to advance the cause of the floral industry.

The following Allied Florists of Houston members have received the Buddy Benz Award:

                        2006    Renee Carpenter TMFA
                        2003    Susan Tate AIFD
                        2002    Debbie Wright AAF TMFA
                        2001    Judy Rutledge AAF TMFA
                        2000    Jan Weatherford Oxley
                        1999    Debra Gordy AAF TMFA
                        1998    Linda Forsell AAF TMF
                        1997    Keith Taylor
                        1996    Gayle Johnson AAF TMFA
                        1996     Joe Wilson
                        1995    Shari Sandlin TMFA
                        1994    Sandy Savage AAF TMF
                        1993    Joe Blanton*
                        1992    Sheri White AAF TMFA
                        1991    Patsy Dismuke Hopkins
                        1990    Lyman Ratcliffe TMF
                        1989    Wayne Fisher*
                        1988    Bob Neil
                        1987    Margarette Allegretti
                        1986    Lynn Lary McLean AIFD AAF PFCI TMF
                        1985    Jim Jensen*
                        1984    LaVon Bankhead AAF AIFD PFCI TMFA
                        1983    William J. "Bill" Stemme AAF
                        1982    Lewis Rushing AAF TMF *
                        1981    Mabel Fisher AAF*

            * deceased

"If I have inspired a thought, an idea, a form, a dream
If I have opened the windows of my soul through the medium of flowers
And we have viewed the beauty of God, of Nature, of Universal Order
Then life has been a prayer."
M Buddy Benz

More information   Morris "Buddy" Benz

AFH Bill Stemme Buddy Benz Award
1983 Bill Stemme with Charles Booth, AFH Presient

Mabel Fisher recieves Buddy Benz Award        Lewis "Peanuts" Rushing recieves Buddy Benz Award

1981 Mabel Fisher with Charlene Sawyer, AFH President                    1982 Lewis Rushing with Charles Booth, AFH President