Floral Designer of the Year
Houston Cup Competition!



The Houston Cup is an annual floral design competition for the members of Allied Florists of Houston.  The winner of the Houston Cup advances to the Preliminary Phase of the  Texas State Florists Association's Texas Cup Competition. 
Floral designers compete in the following categories:  Interpretive Design, Sympathy Design, Wedding Bouquet, and Surprise Situation
Floral designs are judged on the following criteria:  Interpretation, Creativity, Scale, Unity, Balance, Focal Emphasis, Line, Depth, Color, and Mechanics

Congratulations to the 2009
  Houston Cup recipient:

Houston Cup 2008/2009 Courtney Stewart Thomas
Courtney Stewart Thomas

Past Houston Cup Winners

                        2008       Laura Williams TMFA
                        2007        Donna Senter
                        2006        Dana Humberson
                        2005        Kimberly Mueller
                        2004        Bill Morgan TMF
                        2003        J. Scott Hasty AIFD
                        2002        Jeanette Smith
                        2001        Alex Torres AIFD TMF
                        2000        Michelle Brooks
                        1999        Clay Wade
                        1998        Elena Scardino TMF
                        1997        Ann Keough  
                        1996        Shellie Jacob
                        1995        Gail Terrill AIFD
                        1994        Stephanie Barro
                        1993        Gail Terrill AIFD
                        1992        J. Keith White AIFD
                        1991        Tommy Teasdale
                        1990        Tony Huffman ASID AIFD PFCI TMF
                        1989        Susan Micheletti AIFD*
                        1988        David Schmalz*
                        1987        David Alwell*
                        1986        Scott McCool AIFD
                        1985        Paul Sanchez*
                        1984        Perry Walston AIFD
                        1983        Chuck Merritt AIFD
                        1982        Mike Rich
                        1981        Lisa Albrecht AIFD
                        1980        Kathi Thomas AIFD

                        * deceased


Laura Williams TMFA & Dana Humberson
Laura Williams TMFA - 2008
congratulated by
Chair Dana Humberson

Donna Senter
Donna Senter - 2007
Chuck Smith, Dana Humberson, & Sheri White AAF TMFA
Competition Chair Chuck Smith,
Dana Humberson - 2006,
AFH President Sheri White AAF TMFA
Alex Torres AIFD TMF wins 2005 Houston Cup Competition
Alex Torres AIFD TMF - 2001
Michelle Brooks AFH Houston Cup Winner 2000
2000 Michelle Brooks

Elena Scardino 1998 Houston Cup Winner
1998 Clay Wade Houston Cup Chairman,
Elana Scardino Houston Cup Winner
and Debra Gordy President AFH
1996 Houston Cup Winner Shellie Jacob
1996 Shellie Jacob
1995 Houston Cup Winner Gail Terrill AIFD
1995 Gail Terrill AIFD

AFH 1983 Houston Cup Winner Chuck Merrit
1983 Chuck Merrit
Mike Rich wins Allied Florists of Houston Cup 1982
1982 Mike Rich and
Charles Booth - AHF President
Lisa Albrecht wins Aliied Florists of Houston Cup 1981
1981 Charlene Sawyer - AHF President,
Lisa Albrecht and Marvin Albrecht
AFH Kathi Thomas
1980 LaVon Bankhead AAF AIFD PFCI TMFA,
Mike Sandel -AFH President
 and Houston Cup Winner Kathi Thomas