Miscellaneous Awards!




The following are awards won by
Allied Florists of Houston members:
American Horticultural Society
Frances Jones Poetker Award
Presented for significant contribution to the appreciation of floral design.
Created in 1988 by prominent Ohio designer Frances Poetker,
the award has gone to a distinguished list of recipients throughout the year.
                            2001        Rocky Pollitz AAF AIFD PFCI CMG
                            2000        James L. (Jim) Johnson AAF AIFD TMFA
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Texas A&M University
Texas A&M Seal
James L. (Jim) Johnson AAF AIFD TMFA
Texas A&M Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award in Teaching
Texas A&M College of Agriculture's Honor Professor Award


Texas A&M University
Ellison Chair in International Floriculture
honoring Jim & Ellen Ellison of Ellison Greenhouses

The mission of this chair is to advance the health and vitality of the floriculture industry on a national and international scope, through exemplary academic leadership, cutting-edge applied research, innovative extension outreach programs,and by mentoring well-educated, impassioned leaders to support the future of floriculture.

AFH members serving on the Advisory Committee:
Jim & Ellen Ellison, Ellison Greenhouses
PJ Ellison-Kalil, Ellison Greenhouses
Jimmy Klepac, Klepac Greenhouses
Jack Weatherford, Weatherford Farms

AFH Donors:
The Ellison Family
Ellison Greenhouses - Brenham, TX
Klepac Greenhouses - Blanco, TX
Weatherford Farms - Stafford, TX
Allied Florists of Houston
Texas State Florists Association

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A&M Ellison Chair