Texas State Florists Association
Texas Cup Competition!



The Texas State Florists Association's Texas Cup is an annual floral design competition.  Membership in TSFA is required for entry to the Preliminary Phase of the Texas Cup Competition. The winner of the Texas Cup is awarded entry to the Society of American Florist's Sylvia Cup Competition and the National Alliance of Floral Association's Designer of the Year competition.
Floral designers compete in the following categories:  Interpretive Design, Sympathy Design, Wedding Bouquet, and Surprise Situation
Floral designs are judged on the following criteria:  Category Interpretation, Creativity, Scale, Unity, Balance, Focal Emphasis, Line, Depth, Color, and Mechanics

Donna Senter wins the
2007 Texas Cup

Donna Senter wins 2007 TSFA Texas Cup competition

AFH Members who are also
Texas Cup Winners

                                        2006        Beth O'Reilly AIFD
                                        2005        Alex Torres AIFD TMF+
                                        2003         J. Scott Hasty AIFD
                                        1995        Patricia Gomez AIFD+
                                        1993        J. Keith White AIFD
                                        1991        Tommy Teasdale
                                        1987        Scott McCool AIFD
                                        1984        Chuck Merritt AIFD
                                        1982        Lisa Albrecht AIFD
                                        + Also won the Sylvia Cup

Earlen McCauley, Dana Humberson, & Donna Senter
2007 Texas Cup Finalists
Earlene McCauley, Dana Humberson, Donna Senter

Beth O'Reilly AIFD wins 2006 Texas Cup Competition
Beth O'Reilly AIFD - 2006
Alex Torres AIFD TMF wins 2005 TSFA Texas Cup competitionAlex Torres AIFD TMF wins 2005 TSFA Texas Cup competition
Alex Torres AIFD TMF - 2005