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From the February 2019 Newsletter

I was sitting in a classroom the other day for a meeting and I looked up and saw a quote on her wall that has stuck with me for several days now. It said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. The quote has been attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, however no one has been able to find an actual time that he said these words. He did have several similar quotes and many feel he certainly would have supported the thought. As I have pondered the thought over these past days the notion came to me that this is quite a profound statement regardless who said it.

In January we had a wonderful program with two presenters who are not traditional florists. Both did unbelievably beautiful work and both were extremely knowledgeable about our industry, it’s history and legends. That and this thought today have left me wondering and quickly headed to the conclusion that we need to be more accepting of the ones who are entering our industry however different they may be. We are a diverse group of people already. We come from every nation, color, tribe and creed, and yet we want to exclude those who are not “like” us. Maybe, just maybe, if we became more open minded to other business models, ideas and approaches, our industry and our part of the world would begin to gain strength and power again. This is not a popular thought I know, but sometimes we need to be made to be uncomfortable in order to grow and become a better “us” than we are, personally and corporately.

Keep Bloomin and go out and make something beautiful today.

 Alan Masters AIFD, CFD


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When choosing a florist, look for the Allied Florist logo - your assurance of Professional Quality and Service

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