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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” —Lao Tzu

Allied Florists of Houston is approaching an important milestone in her existence. Few organizations in our industry have lasted as long as we have and remain to tell the stories. In the life of every organization though, comes a time for new beginnings, and as Lao Tzu said, that begins with just one step.

I hope to see each of you at the end of year meeting on June the eleventh at Southern Floral Company, as the board unveils our first step into this New Beginning for Allied. We are grateful for the legacy that has been created and hope to add to that legacy through our fresh new approach. As you know there is often pain involved in growth and change, but we hope that you will be a part of the needed changes that are coming for this great establishment.

It is our goal for the coming years to continue to provide the awesome opportunities for education, networking and fun that Allied was built upon as well as reach out to new and education hungry designers from across our region. Through the years we have partnered with Texas State Florist Association to serve the floral communities of Texas, provide scholarships and network opportunities and the coming years will be no different. As our organizations have changed, so also have the roles we play in interaction, but the bond between us is ever strong and TSFA continues to support and encourage our board and leaders as Allied continues to seek direction in our current path of strengthening and maturation.

We know that the future is bright and ripe for our industry and our organization and we hope to continue to bring quality, exciting chances for you to learn, grow and be inspired by the programs and competitions we sponsor. Will you come and take that first step with us toward our “New Beginning”? Will you be the change that is needed to help us continue to grow? I hope so, you are an integral part of our group and we want to see you grow along with us.

As I always say, Keep blooming…And go out and make something beautiful today.

 Alan Masters AIFD, CFD

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When choosing a florist, look for the Allied Florist logo - your assurance of Professional Quality and Service

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