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Message from the AFH President

I would like to build on last month’s letter to you and start with a quote. Mark W. Perrett, a former rugby player for the Welsh rugby team, is noted as saying, “If you don’t go through life with an open mind, you will find a lot of closed doors.”

I was talking to you last month about inclusion and embracing those around us who are not “like” us in this industry. When I read this quote today I was impressed with another thought that I feel is important for us to understand when it comes to floral design and owning or operating a studio or shop. It occurred to me that many of us, me included, have had closed minds for a number of years about the way things “are supposed to be” in our part of the world. The fact, however, is that ‘things” are changing. What we are seeing happening, with closures of businesses in our industry, often times is a lack of living with an open mind. Many of us are still thinking that old ways of thinking will open new doors for us and the truth is that will never work.

For those of you who read the Bible and/or live by biblical principles, you know this to be true even in religious belief systems. The Bible says, “Don’t put new wine in old wine skins” (that is written in the gospel according to Alan). While I’m sure I moved the words around in that a bit, the truth is still there and that is that old ways of thinking will destroy new ideas and behaviors. If we are still approaching business like we did 15, 20 or shoot some of us 50 years ago, we will never be successful in today’s market place.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that we must change the way we think and start opening our minds to new ways of thinking that are emerging in the current market. I have one problem with the quote above. Mr. Perrett said we will find a lot of closed doors, but I believe that the real truth is that the quote should read, “If you don’t go through life with an open mind, you will be blinded to all the open doors in front of you.” The problem is, when we are closed minded, it makes us blind to the reality around us. There are doors open in front of us all every day and we can’t see them because we are blinded by our mindsets. I hope that I can encourage somebody today to take a stand and dust off their views of business and say enough is enough, I am moving forward and I will be a success because I refuse to go down because I can’t embrace the future.

With that said, I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day and let me be the first to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Keep Bloomin and go out and make something beautiful today.

 Alan Masters AIFD, CFD

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When choosing a florist, look for the Allied Florist logo - your assurance of Professional Quality and Service

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